Alexandre Savinien

When someone described this orientation coaching and how it could help a person, I was a bit lost and disillusioned. So, I thought I might find some answers there. This helped me to understand my way of functioning much better and to correct certain "imbalances" that I inflicted on myself. Bernard is really a curious interlocutor and motivated by his desire to help us in depth. He has a real instinct for understanding our essence. This greatly helps the discussion and the work. The method advances quickly, and you don't get lost along the way. We soon obtained interesting results. The work is very organized, and there is something unique about it. Be careful though, it's not all fun. But also, there are often quite enjoyable moments of understanding oneself and others, it can become dizzying. Fasten your seatbelt! I think there is a real interest in selecting this kind of coaching if you have a tight budget. In the sense that I think that many other diverse and varied solutions I have tested make it possible to achieve similar result, but in a longer time and therefore often more expensive.