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SAYactivate aim

SAYactivate coaching offers an energizing approach in response to the urgent support needs of clients who are at the end of their rope to get out of an impasse or who want to find an innovative solution to take a leap forward. At the heart of the approach: the natural ability to make each person genuinely interested in knowing themselves discover their unique talent in connection with their fundamental WHY. This essential factor which precise knowledge provides essential support to guide one’s life and career. In connection with a logic of change, four main coaching formulas are proposed ORIENTATION, INTEGRATION, PERFORMANCE and REINVENTION to accompany changes of direction and life.

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The missions of SAYactivate Coaching

SAYactivate Coaching is aimed at people confronted with recurring questions of choice or non-choice in the professional context, which poses problems for them.

SAYactivate Coaching offers a response to urgent support needs to navigate in a global world, imposed by a demanding economic liberalism, which has still not changed its course for development and growth.

SAYactivate Coaching intervenes to lead its customers to the formulation of a considered choice and the implementation of a new strategy within the framework of various missions. These consist of orientation coaching, integration of new functions, performance management and even radical changes of direction, which mark out the paths of the coachees.

In the most difficult cases…

The terminology used to designate what becomes suffering at work borrows largely from English: such as the famous “burnout” (professional exhaustion), “bore-out” (state of total boredom resulting from an underload of work), “brown-out” (loss of meaning at work) … and other neologisms.

SAYactivate is an energizing program at the same time. It uses the impulse of the system – as in judo – to its advantage. Given that the adaptation required by the world of work is constant and imperative, marked by speed, it is important for our clients and clients to take back power of their inner engine and the compass of their lives in their own hands, in a dynamic and proactive approach but according to their rules of the game.

The very name of the company SAYactivate is the metaphor of a pedagogical practice where carefully identified words of the coached person will allow him to help him formulate precisely what is this essence that feeds the engine of his life and directs his destiny. .

It is through a reconnection to themselves, facilitated by coaching, that the persons manages to identify and mobilize their own unique strengths. The goal is to take root more in the present and to consider a life trajectory in resonance with its abilities and especially its deep aspirations.

Why choosing SAYactivate?

Because there is no one more dedicated and resilient when I have a difficult case to work on. I never let my clients down and can show immense patience. I am particularly good at detecting a person’s inner riches because I am convinced that everyone has potential to develop. I offer the prospect of a new happiness, that of better understanding what one is for. done deep in life.

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For sensitive listening…

…and an immediate reception of the need for emotional and energetic support offered by a coach with a rich and varied experience, capable of understanding a multitude of difficult situations.

For an enthusiastic pedagogy…

…which constantly adapts to help the person being coached to better live their present as closely as possible to their specificity and biological, psychological, and energetic balance.

For constant energizing support…

…provided by the coach who will have reconnected you to your vital engine and will not spare his creativity to accompany you day after day in overcoming your obstacles.

For visible, ecological and lasting results…

… , delivered in the short term and optimized in financial matters compared to what it would cost to leave things as they are.

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Patrick Mathieu
Chercheur et CEO engagé

Bernard est très enthousiaste, dynamique et déterminé. Il conduit ses projets avec autonomie, conviction, et les mène jusqu'au bout. Il aime partager ses choix, développer son tissu de relations et concrétiser par un acte de vente ou d'engagement.

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Sarah Schmitz Chen
Directrice médicale

Bernard is a hardworking and dedicated professional, which can be somewhat of a rarity in the communication industry. He goes all out to deliver the utmost service to his clients, and it was always a pleasure to work with him. If you ask him to do something, it's as good as done.

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Alexandre LOIRE
Président de la commission d’experts véhicule connecté

Bernard is a partner really open minded, always ready to help to find a better solution that fits best to a situation. He has a real talent to make people meet and work together. His curiosity in contemporary art makes him a pleasant fellow to share a beer with....

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Tenguy Ly
Head Of Client Services - Business Director IMA Munich

Bernard is a professional of the first order. Both as an Ivy league client handler and as a very smart thinker who can read a room as well as the changing tides of consumer culture, Bernard is hard to top. His professional tenacity is an added bonus that makes working with him rewarding. I have no doubt that Bernard can be successful in any enterprise he chooses to lend his considerable talents to. He has a place at the table with the most senior clients and enjoys immersing himself in the intricacies of their business.
You'll be hard pushed to find anyone with more energy, enthusiasm and passion than Bernard.
On top of his many talents, he's also a real pleasure to be around and I truly hope to have the opportunity to join forces with him again.


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About Bernard Garnier de Labareyre

Bernard Garnier de Labareyre, certified professional coach, 60 years old and with 35 years of experience in corporate and individual business, in France and abroad. ESCP 1985, MBA Georgia State University, graduate in NLP and Hypnosis, steeped in the “WHY” approach of Simon Sinek and the Singularity by Patrick Mathieu.

His experiences as a salesperson and business developer in more than 30 countries in the field of advertising marketing as well as the sale of creative or artistic products and services have sharpened his sensitivity to a whole mosaic of human and cultural issues. They will also have enabled him to understand what his own vital axis was, i.e. the absolute need to reveal potential and value and to understand the nature of his need to contribute to the world: to give vital energy to his clients to enable them to achieve what constitutes their own truth.

Bernard Garnier de Labareyre shares his convictions.

« I believe in:

The importance of contributing to the world after 60 years of life and the testimonials of many clients have led me today to the conviction that I could truly help many people to find their unique talent and that this could totally change their way of thinking. their professional life and their relationship with others while making their environment a better place.

The moral energy that I transmit continuously to help support the daily work of transformation inherent in all coaching.

The unconditional acceptance of the person I accompany, echoing the Rogerian school that permeates the Dôjô coaching training center created by Bernard Hévin and Jane Turner where I trained.

Art as an essential component of life and I am convinced that artistic talent is only one form among others of the singular talent that is present in every human being. It is important that everyone feels as “gifted” as an artist and expert in their own art of living. The idea is disruptive for many adults, yet it is intuitively totally natural for children.

The importance of learning and using living languages other than one’s own as a tool to circumvent certain mental limitations is a valuable tool for creativity. We constantly use languages related to all kinds of activities and translate without realizing it. Let us be aware of this and use this ability to our advantage to rethink our problems.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I believe that we all have something essential to contribute to the world, at a small or large scale, and that can help us to hold on to the stars without fear of losing our balance when the ground gives way under our feet.