In this section, I publish articles related to my areas of interest and my 3 passions: namely for coaching and human relations, art, and artists (for what they can bring to the world through their universal language of sound, visual, tactile, gustatory, gestual forms) and languages and linguistics (with a focus on English) which are key to communicate with the world at large and express ideas and emotions as precisely as possible.

Save 10 minutes a day -everyday – to establish a new habit

How can establishing a new habit of 10 minutes a day change the way you look at yourself and change the course of your life? The story of the 2 dogs acting as coaches. Like most of us, I have gone through difficult times several times. All my colleagues know this; and it is also thanks to these repeated ordeals that…

The French are not gifted foreign languages speakers? Here to change your mind set about English speaking

La croyance est solidement établie que les français sont « nuls en langues » et que la faute en est à l’enseignement dispensé en France.

The art of defining the “purpose of being inspired by art”: a path for young creators

Aujourd’hui la « Raison d’Être » des entreprises est devenue un sujet important pour la plupart d’entre elles et fait l’objet de recherches et d’études approfondies.


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