Reinvention coaching

Reinvention coaching: when the WHY and the quest for MEANING become vital.

Brings support for people going through a major professional or personal transition who want to give new meaning to their life and boost their self-development, revive their adult life by rediscovering, re-energizing and even expanding their resources. This coaching provides solutions to reinvent a future to better become yourself.
“Leaving the tempests and the storms behind, returning safely to the shore to calmly ask yourself the right questions and rediscover a new horizon. Reinvent yourself by giving shape to your vital principles. »

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Reinvention Coaching: taking time back on its own

First let the overflow subside and slow down time. Let the “situation” you’re trapped in clarify by problematizing it. We help the persons to express and develop their difficulties, her, or his sufferings by listening without judgment. Then achieve to understand together the system in which the person operates and work on what could completely be changed, transformed, rethought.

Reinvention Coaching: envision change without taboos

Evaluate the attitude towards change: identify the specific relationship of the person to change by helping to identify her or his real motivation, appetite for transformation but also her or his fears. Is the person truly ready to accept (have there already been changes? is this change forced? is it deeply desired? Is it a type 1 of transformation with partial modifications or is it a type 2 one (for explanation click here and look at the scheme “the change cycle” presented in the performance coaching) which is a far more radical one where the person changes everything in her or his life.

Reinvention Coaching: rebuild from your vital axis

The key aim is to study the fundamentals and update the singular talent of the person to know where to dig to bring out the hidden strength that constitutes the «vital axis” or “core”. Get to understand how the coachee’s “internal program” unfolds following the main sequence Why, How, What, In other words: In the name of what does that person do or plans to do things? How he or she does it and to have what impact in the end. For this end, we start from real-life examples to bring out major constants which constitute your WHY : “the one common thread that brings out the best in us feel the most fulfilled” (in “Find your why” by Simon Sinek, David Mead & Peter Docker). And with the Singularity model of Patrick Mathieu, we can dig even further and get to a very precise and accurate level of definition of this WHY.

Reinvention Coaching: challenge the future and dare

Use different projective and modeling techniques to imagine new avenues based on the deep motivations of the person identified in the previous steps. And finally, discuss the possibilities – prefigure what will be after the change. We can use the timeline and NLP exercises to make “bridges to the future”, according to the personality and preferences of each one.

This coaching is for people who want a new chance to live to the full

For those who have realized that they are done with their current work and who deeply desire something else without necessarily knowing what…bore in, bore out and all the components of the “Big quit”

For those who are in the process of burnout or on their way out, after therapeutic treatment or on the sidelines of therapeutic treatment. Overworked, stressed, fed up. In need of a complete redefinition of their life.

For those who realize that they would have liked to do something completely different from what they do. And study with them the possibility that what they have done so far is not pure loss, but on the contrary may be considered as wealth seen from a different vantage point.

The benefits of reinvention coaching

Be acutely listened to

Feel genuinely heard by a trained coach with no pre-established recipes for success in mind. Be truthfully understood in your nuances in a complete climate of trust and confidentiality.

Find your core purpose

Get help from effective tools to identify your core purpose in simple words. Without having to do years of analysis or go into complex and intimate explanations. Walk through powerful questions in search of your uniqueness.

Rediscover your vitality

See where to go to become who you are, without having to break or change everything. Accept the unexpected and reconnect with your vitality.


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