Performance Coaching

PERFORMANCE coaching Release the energy to relaunch

Accompaniment for active people who already have a job or an occupation, in an organization or independently who are experiencing difficulties. The situation is still acceptable, but they find themselves in a plateau phase of stagnation, resulting in demotivation in their personal or professional life and they want to get back on their feet.
Such people may need extra energy and we will coach them into drawing it from themselves.

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Performance Coaching: it’s understanding where you are in your work cycle

The person has already demonstrated her or his abilities and produced results but experiences a drop in its dynamism and is increasingly losing its motivation. The heart is no longer put in. It may be her or his hierarchy or those around who want to help the person find new momentum or it may be the person herself or himself who might self-decide.

The problems are at the level of the objectives which are no longer met, intrapersonal or interpersonal complications with the teams. The key word is demotivation. It takes, for example, the multiple forms of “I am overexploited, and feel like downing tools”; or on the opposite: “I am not given enough latitude”; “I am underutilized”; “my work is pointless, I disagree with my company…and therefore feel uneasy with myself”… It is useful for that person to identify where she or he really stand is in her or his cycle of change.

Performance Coaching: leaving the surface to explore freely

The coaching work will consist of gradually reaching a shared representation of the paths of development or reorientation, by offering permissions and by studying the deep intentions of the person being coached.

Contrast these intentions with what the current work can offer to see which elements of the system can or must be modified, with the consequences this can have: either to help evolve within the system or sometimes plan to find a different solution out of it.

Performance Coaching: it’s repetitive training

For us coaching is a matter of progressive and measured training with self-evaluation goals and tools. It is by chance that the term comes from the equestrian world and then the sports world. You must deconstruct the difficulty and break it down in sub problems, to see where it is most interesting to concentrate your efforts and import the new means to breakthrough.

Performance Coaching: it is to reinforce your uniqueness and only compare yourself to yourself

One of the essential tasks of this coaching is to restore your confidence in your own strengths and help you recharge your batteries plugging yourself into your areas of excellence.

It is in this case that the identification of the core of singularity (following the technique of ©patrickmathieusingularity) is an essential work. By understanding why, how you act and with what impact you have, you will gain privileged access to the force field at work at a sublevel and release its full power…

Bringing you to remobilize all your know-how proves helpful to find a general balance. This gives you more control over your life, leading to your desire and providing you with a sense of fulfillment. To visualize and model the future state, working with the timeline is very useful to decompose the critical path and identify the best possible outcome.

This coaching is for people who need energy and meaning

People who are bored in or out, compelled, feel underused and/or unrecognized

Are completely demotivated and no longer have the expected results when they are perfectly competent.

People who have new challenges in sight and who fail to “convert a try”, as in rugby.

Have relational difficulties, various hierarchical or collateral incompatibilities who want to get out of a system to find meaning.

The benefits of performance coaching

Decode your ecosystem

Build a new narrative and understand the difficulty(ies) you are encountering from a new angle. Including decoding your unsatisfactory interactions with third parties and finding how to change them to your advantage via images and diagrams. Obtain an illustrated portrait of the unique facets of your personality from an original and sometimes disruptive angle in the singularoscopie ©sayactivate

Identify your unique talent

Discover your unique talent through the revelation of your core of singularity among 6 cores, thanks to the model of Singularity ©patrickmathieu singularity highlighting the dynamic intention, realization, result and impact according to the preferred order in which you prefer to access the 3 kinds of energies: energy of thought, the energy of emotions and the energy of actions.

Understand your success process

Gain additional resources through the analysis of positive and negative experiences worked through an analysis grid modeling your success process derived from the famous golden Circle of Simon Sinek. Reveal opportunities and allow a positive review of past experiences while highlighting points to work on. Put your initial problem into perspective with your uniqueness in mind and project yourself into the future.


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