Orientation coaching

Orientation coaching: feeling upright and happy in your sneakers

Particularly relevant for young people in search of references, to orient their work choices in a direction more in line with who they deep down are and not what the economic context or promises for “read-made for successful living” dictate. Can also be useful for adults in the process of redefining their priorities who want to take the time to open up possibilities and reconnect with the promises of youth.

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Orientation Coaching: An inside out thought process starting from onseself`

This program is meant for youngsters who feel helpless or stall when having to make profesionnal choices to enter working life. Sometimes there’s a scary abundance of choices, and sometimes adverse life conditions offer little or no say .
Either the choices made resonate with the unique talent of the person and it is then quite useful to support, strengthen the commitment.

Or the options considered prematurely show a growing inner split which may widen in the future and result in a major energy and confidence waste.

Whatever the context, to overcome the fear of a wrong selection it is important to understand what the youngster fundamental aspirations are. The use of the Singularity model there proves to be precious to explicit the unconscious mechanisms at play.

Orientation Coaching: it is preparing for trials & challenges from your vital center, your WHY, your singularity

Finding ways to build a resume, interview training, context analysis, photo presentation, style. The coaching is all about giving the person a holistic and as rich as possible self appreciation thanks to interesting tools such as the “Multiple Natures” for instance.

In the 21st century, the need for constant adjustment to a shifting context of references has become the rule demands to be strongly rooted in one’s core strenghts. From a modeling of all kinds of know-how and experiences that are not only on the resume, it is necessary to work on flexibility and train consistently.

Orientation Coaching: dedramatize the early decision-making and remain confident

With only one life to live, experimenting with an open mind can prove surprisingly useful and each more or less successful attempt at finding one’s path can lead to building a strong and successful life. Therefore, not finding the right orientation at an early stage doesn’t mean failure! Seen from the perspective of the uniqueness of the talent of the person, what could be labelled deviations can reveal an invisible coherence with time. Let’s never forget that trial and error never ceases to be a simple but powerful life hack.

Orientation Coaching: helps modeling futures

Visualize and model the future state: work from your model of success or your “operating mode” (the precise sequence defining why you do things, how you do them and what they produce). Projective techniques of NLP or hypnosis are powerful tools to anticipate how it will play out for you by already imagining yourself in the conditions of the new job, context, future challenge to become familiar with it, analyze the future resources you will have developped and bring them back today. And they will be as good as real!

Who is orientation coaching for?

For young people  who are asked to make life choices when they are not ready to figure out what they’re made of.

For those who have too many choices…or who have too few.

To those who would like to shake off the weight of prejudice and received ideas imposed from outside or that they have on themselves.

The benefits of orientation coaching

Understand one’s uniqueness

Understand that what makes us singular is this invariant essence that carries our destiny. It allows us to separate our role identities (all the hundreds of ways to be, feel and behave in the world in different contexts, tasks) from what is what we call our vital axis, our fundamental purpose. Is very helpful in rethinking his choices according what is like a psychological DNA. That’s precisely what the quizz points to.

Discover one’s potential value

Rid of self-images imposed by the environment. Think about your destiny without anxiety because you know that, like an atom carbon under pressure, you can become a multifaceted diamond. Wheathering the pressure is tough but if you can really identify your potential beforehand, you’ll bear it willingly… as the slogan of L’Oréal says…”Because I’m worth it!”.

Boost one’s self-confidence

Allow yourself to make mistakes, to learn from yours defeats or deadends because it is not possible to learn without. You still have to know where to invest because you don’t have all the time in the world and the competition is unfortunately tough. Thanks to a simulation via the model of success (©patrickmathieusingularity) the person understands how she or he can function in an optimal way.


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