Integration Coaching

Integration coaching: to become one with the flow

For people who want or need to integrate new functions. This coaching will specifically focus on the types of resources useful for the transformation of the mindset and help examine what is holding back. A specific work on the apprehensions triggered by the perspective of change will be done. The objective is to get tuned to novelty and go with the flow without losing one’s unique way to think, act and feel.

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Integration Coaching: to accept not knowing before embracing novelty with aspiration and confidence

“You can’t know before you know!” …in other words, you cannot have the experience to perform a new task until you have experienced it. Trivia? May be but what about going through recruitment patterns solely based on career path, favoring linearity, look-alike candidates and cherry-picking skills by the jobhunters? It’s easy to doubt about one’s chances to successfully manage a job shift. However, having a precise idea of one’s fundamental potential may give the right momentum to dare taking on a new post and stimulate one’s desire to learn and deliver.

The important thing is to be ready to learn confidently, by simply realizing what you do not yet know and embrace it. To seek information everywhere around you, to train and to investigate, is essential. Coaching is also here to identify every single resource in you that is ready to be used for the next step. The goal: to connect, explore, challenge your beliefs while respecting your roots and your ecology. All this with the conviction that you have in you an underlying talent that you may or may know not of but is definitely there!

Integration Coaching: to deconstruct the difficulty in its constituents along a timeline

“We cannot approach the novelty of a change as a block without risking… blocking ourselves! “

It’s important to breakdown the global challenge into smaller ones and define self-evaluation benchmarks. Whether the change concerns the type of position, profession, geographic or cultural context, financial situation, it is important to train the mind. It can be achieved with projective techniques to decrease the emotional charge of preconceived assumptions or fantasized representations and emphasize what really needs to be taken on and what is not as hard as it may look.
Conversely, you can be very excited about a new (ad)venture but not know how to prepare for it. Thus, two essential factors to focus on are tasks and deadlines.
For that, is helpful and interesting to work with the timeline tool to reveal the components of the current system in which the person is inscribed, the key stakes at play, and identify what needs to be challenged to be ready when the time comes.

Integration Coaching: to prepare for trials and challenges

Whether there are imposed or chosen changes, you must learn how to embrace novelty with as much “freshness” as possible. The pitch, the presentation of your resume, training for interviews, analysis of the context, presentation of your portrait, your style, is to be handled with care because it may require adjustments of the representation of your own image. In the 21st century, adult learning is permanent. It’s important to accept it. You must start from a centrifugal logic starting from yourself, from your fundamental “why” and think about your potential impact. And above do not let your “environment” define you.

Integration Coaching: to visualize future membership

Visualize and model the future state: work from your success model (how you proceed when you are good at what you do) and discover your inner operating mode (specific training is given on this) to prepare yourself to settle into a new role identity. It is helpful to anticipate how it will happen to already imagine yourself in the conditions of the new situation to become familiar with it using projective techniques (NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline).

This coaching is for people who must tackle a new challenge

For those looking for a job, for the first time or for the nth time

For those who must deal with a sudden change of internal context in the world of work, the family, social sphere and feel out of touch

To those who aspire to use their talents differently and have them recognized at their fair value.

The benefits of integrationvcoaching

Draw up a list of all your assets

Allow yourself to realize that you have all kinds of know-how and life skills, without necessarily being aware of them. Think of all these abilities that you have and don’t pay attention to. They can turn out to be real treasures when facing hardships, because it is in these that you might see your uniqueness and understand what your true impact and inner strength are.

Allow yourself to sail away

See all that is positive in the future situation and reverse the saying “in life we know what we lose but never what we gain” into “we don’t know yet everything we are going to win but we know everything we aspire to leave behind”. Let yourself be caught up in the anticipation of novelty by casting off the moorings. And assess your vision for change realistically to avoid unnecessary risks, too.

Anticipate and modelize

By also preparing yourself mentally for what could be obstacles: scouting the future terrain, recall lessons learned from past experiences, ready yourself to face objection and new constraints.


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